[United States Government Manual]
[June 15, 2003]
[Pages 402-403]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

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999 E Street NW., Washington, DC 20463

Phone, 202-694-1100 or 800-424-9530 (toll free). Internet, www.fec.gov.
Chairman                                          Ellen Weintraub
Vice Chairman                                     Bradley A. Smith
Commissioners                                     David M. Mason, Danny 
                                                          L. McDonald, 
                                                          Michael E. 
                                                          Toner, Scott 
                                                          E. Thomas
Staff Director                                    James A. Pehrkon
General Counsel                                   Lawrence Norton
Inspector General                                 Lynne A. McFarland


The Federal Election Commission has exclusive jurisdiction in the 
administration and civil enforcement of laws regulating the acquisition 
and expenditure of campaign funds to ensure compliance by participants 
in the Federal election campaign process. Its chief mission is to 
provide public disclosure of campaign finance activities and effect 
voluntary compliance by providing the public with information on the 
laws and regulations concerning campaign finance.

The Federal Election Commission is an independent agency established by 
section 309 of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (2 
U.S.C. 437c). It is composed of six Commissioners appointed by the 
President with the advice and consent of the Senate. The act also 
provides for three statutory officers--the Staff Director, the General 
Counsel, and the Inspector General--who are appointed by the Commission.


The Commission administers and enforces the Federal Election Campaign 
Act of 1971, as amended (2 U.S.C. 431 et seq.), and the Revenue Act, as 
amended (26 U.S.C. 1 et seq.). These laws provide for the public funding 
of Presidential elections, public disclosure of the financial activities 
of political committees involved in Federal elections, and limitations 
and prohibitions on contributions and expenditures made to influence 
Federal elections (Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives).
Public Funding of Presidential Elections  The Commission oversees the 
public financing of Presidential elections by certifying Federal 
payments to primary candidates, general election nominees, and national 
nominating conventions. It also audits recipients of Federal funds and 
may require repayments to the U.S. Treasury if a committee makes 
nonqualified campaign expenditures.
Disclosure  The Commission ensures the public disclosure of the campaign 
finance activities reported by political committees supporting Federal 
candidates. Committee reports, filed regularly, disclose where campaign 
money comes from and how it is spent. The Commission places reports on 
the public record within 48 hours after they are received and 
computerizes the data contained in the reports.

Sources of Information

Clearinghouse on Election Administration  The Clearinghouse compiles and 
disseminates election administration information related to Federal 
elections. It also conducts independent contract studies on the 
administration of elections. For further information, call 202-694-1095, 
or 800-424-9530 (toll free).
Congressional Affairs Office  This Office serves as primary liaison with 
Congress and executive branch agencies. The Office is responsible for 
keeping Members of Congress informed about

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Commission decisions and, in turn, for informing the Commission on 
legislative developments. For further information, call 202-694-1006, or 
800-424-9530 (toll free).
Employment  Inquiries regarding employment opportunities should be 
directed to the Director, Personnel and Labor Management Relations. 
Phone, 202-694-1080, or 800-424-9530 (toll free).
General Inquiries  The Information Services Division provides 
information and assistance to Federal candidates, political committees, 
and the general public. This division answers questions on campaign 
finance laws, conducts workshops and seminars on the law, and provides 
publications and forms. For information or materials, call 202-694-1100, 
or 800-424-9530 (toll free).
Media Inquiries  The Press Office answers inquiries from print and 
broadcast media sources around the country, issues press releases on 
Commission actions and statistical data, responds to informational 
requests, and distributes other materials. All persons representing 
media should direct inquiries to the Press Office. Phone, 202-694-1220, 
or 800-424-9530 (toll free).
Public Records  The Office of Public Records, located at 999 E Street 
NW., Washington, DC, provides space for public inspection of all reports 
and statements relating to campaign finance since 1972. It is open 
weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and has extended hours during peak 
election periods. The public is invited to visit the Office or obtain 
information by calling 202-694-1120, or 800-424-9530 (toll free).
Reading Room  The library contains a collection of basic legal research 
resources, with emphasis on political campaign financing, corporate and 
labor political activity, and campaign finance reform. It is open to the 
public on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. For further information, 
call 202-694-1600, or 800-424-9530 (toll free).

For further information, contact Information Services, Federal Election 
Commission, 999 E Street NW., Washington, DC 20463. Phone, 202-694-1100 
or 800-424-9530 (toll free). Internet, www.fec.gov.