[United States Government Manual]
[June 01, 2005]
[Pages 430-438]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

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1800 F Street NW., Washington, DC 20405

Phone, 202-708-5082. Internet, www.gsa.gov.
Administrator of General Services                 Stephen A. Perry
    Deputy Administrator                          David L. Bibb
    Chief of Staff                                Edwin W. Fielder, 
    Chairman, GSA Board of Contract               Stephen M. Daniels
    Inspector General                             Daniel R. Levinson
    General Counsel                               George N. Barclay, 
    Associate Administrator for Civil             Madeline C. Caliendo
    Associate Administrator for Citizen           Mary J. Pizzella
            Services and Communications
    Associate Administrator for                   Clint Robinson
            Congressional and 
            Intergovernmental Affairs
    Associate Administrator for Small             Felipe Mendoza
            Business Utilization
    Associate Administrator for                   Susan Marshall
            Performance Improvement
    Chief Financial Officer                       Kathleen M. Turco
    Chief Information Officer                     Michael W. Carleton
    Chief People Officer                          Gail T. Lovelace
    Chief Acquisition Officer                     Emily Murphy


Washington, DC 20406

Phone, 703-605-5400. Fax, 703-305-5500.
Commissioner                                      Donna D. Bennett
    Deputy Commissioner                           Lester D. Gray, Jr.
    Chief of Staff                                Amanda G. Fredriksen
    Assistant Commissioner for                    Neal Fox
            Commercial Acquisition
    Assistant Commissioner for Marketing          Gary Feit
    Assistant Commissioner for                    (vacancy)
            Acquisition Management
    Assistant Commissioner for                    Jeffrey Thurston, 
            Transportation and Property                   Acting
    Assistant Commissioner for Vehicle            Barnaby L. Brasseux
            Acquisition and Leasing 
    Assistant Commissioner for                    John R. Roehmer
            Enterprise Planning
    Assistant Commissioner for Global             Joseph H. Jeu
    Chief Information Officer                     Elizabeth DelNegro, 
    Controller                                    Jon A. Jordan


10304 Eaton Place, Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone, 703-306-6000
Commissioner                                      Barbara L. Shelton, 

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    Deputy Commissioner                           James A. Williams
    Chief of Staff                                (vacancy)
    Assistant Commissioner for                    T. Keith Sandridge
    Assistant Commissioner for                    Robert E. Suda
            Information Technology 
    Assistant Commissioner for Regional           Margaret C. Binns
    Assistant Commissioner for Customer           Mary A. Davie
            Relationship Management and 
    Assistant Commissioner for Service            John C. Johnson, 
            Delivery                                      Acting
    Assistant Commissioner for                    Thomas V. Brady
            Professional Services
    Assistant Commissioner for Service            John C. Johnson
    Chief Financial Officer                       Robert E. Short, 
    Chief Information Officer                     Casey Coleman
    Program Executive for E-                      Stephen A. Timchak


1800 F Street NW., Washington, DC 20405

Phone, 202-501-1100
Commissioner                                      F. Joseph Moravec
    Deputy Commissioner                           Anthony Costa
    Chief of Staff                                Mary Mitschow, Acting
    Assistant Commissioner for                    Kay McNew
            Organizational Resources
    Assistant Commissioner for Real               William H. Mathews
            Property Asset Management
    Assistant Commissioner for Applied            Sam Hunter
    Assistant Commissioner for Customer           Chris Reutershan
            Service Management
    Chief Architect                               Les Shepherd, Acting
    Chief Financial Officer                       William E. Brady


1800 F Street NW., Washington, DC 20405

Phone, 202-501-8880
Associate Administrator for Governmentwide        G. Martin Wagner
    Deputy Associate Administrator                Joseph G. Sindelar
        Director, GSA Administrative              James L. Dean
        Deputy Associate Administrator            Mary J. Mitchell
                for Electronic 
                Government and 
        Director, Regulatory Information          Ronald C. Kelly
                Service Center
        Chief Information Officer for             Jack L. Finley
                Governmentwide Policy
        Deputy Associate Administrator            Stanley Kaczmarczyk
              for Real Property
[[Page 432]]

        Deputy Associate Administrator            Rebecca R. Rhodes
                for Transportation and 
                Personal Property

[For the General Services Administration statement of organization, see 
        the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 41, Part 105-53]


The General Services Administration establishes policy for and provides 
economical and efficient management of Government property and records, 
including construction and operation of buildings; procurement and 
distribution of supplies; utilization and disposal of real and personal 
property; transportation, traffic, and communications management; and 
management of the governmentwide automatic data processing resources 

The General Services Administration (GSA) was established by section 101 
of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (40 
U.S.C. 751).

Contract Appeals  The General Services Administration Board of Contract 
Appeals is responsible for resolving disputes arising out of contracts 
with the General Services Administration and other Government agencies. 
The Board is also empowered to hear and decide requests for review of 
transportation audit rate determinations; claims by Federal civilian 
employees regarding travel and relocation expenses; and claims for the 
proceeds of the sale of property of certain Federal civilian employees. 
In addition, the Board provides alternative dispute resolution services 
to executive agencies in both contract disputes which are the subject of 
a contracting officer's decision and other contract-related disputes. 
Although the Board is located within the agency, it functions as an 
independent tribunal.

For further information, contact the Board of Contract Appeals, General 
Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 202-501-0585.

Domestic Assistance Catalog  The Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog 
Program collects and disseminates information on all federally operated 
domestic assistance programs such as grants,loans,and insurance.This 
information is published annually in the Catalog of Federal Domestic 

For further information, contact the Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog 
staff. Phone, 202-708-5126.

Governmentwide Policy  The Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) 
collaborates with the Federal community to develop policies and 
guidelines for the management of Government property, technology, and 
administrative services. OGP's policymaking authority and policy support 
activities encompass the areas covering electronic government and 
information technology, real property and the workplace, travel, 
transportation, personal property, aircraft, Federal motor vehicle 
fleet, mail, regulatory information and use of Federal advisory 
committees. OGP also provides leadership to interagency groups and 
facilities governmentwide management reform through the effective use of 
performance measures and best practices.
    The Office of Electronic Government and Technology provides policy 
guidance on issues pertaining to electronic business and technology and 
coordinates information technology strategies to improve Government 
effectiveness and efficiency. The Office fosters interagency 
collaboration on IT management policies and assists agencies on IT 
policy matters such as IT accommodation, security, smart cards, and 
electronic signatures. For further information, call 202-501-0202.
    The Office of Real Property provides policy guidance in the 
responsible management of the Federal Government's real property assets 
and in the development of quality workplaces. It develops and issues 
Governmentwide management regulations and standards that relate to real 
property asset management and workplace development. Real property 
programs include real estate management, acquisition, disposal, design,

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[[Page 434]]

construction, performance standards, delegations, safety and 
environmental issues, and sustainable design. For further information, 
call 202-501-0856.
    The Office of Transportation and Personal Property develops 
Governmentwide policies to ensure the economical and efficient 
management of Government assets including aircraft and motor vehicles, 
transportation, traffic and audits, mail, passenger travel, and 
relocation allowances. It develops regulations, collects and analyzes 
Governmentwide data, manages interagency policy committees, and 
collaborates with customers and stakeholders to address and facilitate 
Governmentwide improvements. For further information, call 202-501-1777.
    The Regulatory Information Service Center compiles and analyzes data 
on Governmentwide regulatory information and activities. The principal 
publication of the Center is the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory 
and Deregulatory Actions, which is published in the Federal Register 
every spring and fall and is available online at www.reginfo.gov. For 
further information, call 202-482-7345.
    The Committee Management Secretariat plans, develops, evaluates, and 
directs a Governmentwide program to maximize public participation in 
Federal decisionmaking through Federal Advisory Committees. The Office 
generates policies and guidelines for Federal Advisory Committee 
management oversight responsibilities and compliance with the provisions 
of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. For further information, call 

For further information, contact the Office of Governmentwide Policy. 
Phone, 202-501-8880. Internet, www.gsa.gov/portal.

Citizen Services and Communications  The Office of Citizen Services and 
Communications (OCSC) serves as a central Federal gateway for citizens, 
businesses, other governments, and the media to easily obtain 
information and services from the Government on the Web, in print, over 
the telephone, or by e-mail. OCSC is organized into two components--
citizen services and communications.
    Citizen services comprises the Federal Citizen Information Center 
which serves citizens, businesses and other Government agencies by 
providing information and services via Firstgov.gov, 1-800-FED-INFO, and 
print publications through Pueblo, Colorado. It also develops and 
implements innovative technologies that improve the delivery of 
government information and services to citizens through the Office of E-
Gov Solutions Support. OSCS also collaborates with Federal, State, 
local, and foreign governments and intergovernmental organizations to 
promote more effective use of information technology and E-Gov solutions 
through the Office of Intergovernmental Solutions.
    Communications, the other component of OCSC, plans, administers and 
coordinates GSA media relations, and internal and external 
communications. It also coordinates GSA-wide strategic marketing 
activities, events planning, graphics and audiovisual production, and 
writing and editing support services for the entire agency.

For further information, contact the Office of Citizen Services and 
Communications. Phone, 202-501-0705. Internet, www.gsa.gov.

Acquisitions  The Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer is responsible 
for strengthening GSA's acquisition activities and ensuring that 
acquisition services are delivered to Federal agency customers in 
support of their missions of service, while balancing an emphasis on 
compliance, ethics, and integrity. It is also responsible for managing a 
broad range of acquisition activities including: ensuring compliance 
with applicable laws, regulations, and policies; fostering full and open 
competition for contract awards; developing the acquisition workforce; 
and accountability for acquisition decisionmaking.
    Excellence in acquisition is the top priority for GSA. The ``Get It 
Right'' Plan affirms GSA's commitment to ensuring

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the proper use of GSA contracting vehicles and services.

For further information, contact the Office of the Chief Acquisition 
Officer. Phone, 202-501-1043.

Small Business Utilization  The Office of Small Business 
Utilizationfocuses on programs, policy, and outreach to assist the small 
business community nationwide in doing business with GSA.

For further information, call 202-501-1021. Internet, www.gsa.gov/

                             Small Business Centers--General Services Administration
                   Region                                           Address                          Telephone
National Capital--Washington, DC              Rm. 1050, 7th & D Sts. SW., 20407                     202-708-5804
New England--Boston, MA                       Rm. 901, 10 Causeway St., 02222                       617-565-8100
Northeast and Caribbean--New York, NY         Rm. 18-130, 26 Federal Plz., 10278                    212-264-1234
Mid-Atlantic--Philadelphia, PA                9th Fl., 20 N. Eighth Street, 19107                   215-466-4918
Southeast Sunbelt--Atlanta, GA                Suite 600, 77 Forsyth St., 30303                      404-331-5103
Great Lakes--Chicago, IL                      Rm. 3714, 230 S. Dearborn St., 60604                  312-353-5383
Heartland--Kansas City, MO                    Rm. 1161, 1500 E. Bannister Rd., 64131                816-926-7203
Southwest--Fort Worth, TX                     Rm. 1E13A, 819 Taylor St., 76102                      817-978-0800
Rocky Mountain--Denver, CO                    Rm. 210, Denver Federal Ctr., 80225-0006              303-236-7409
Pacific Rim--San Francisco, CA                Rm. 5-6535, 450 Golden Gate Ave., 94102               415-522-2705
  Satellite office--Los Angeles, CA           Rm. 3108, 300 N. Los Angeles St., 90012               213-894-3210
Northwest/Arctic--Auburn, WA                  400 15th St. SW., 98001                               253-931-7956

Federal Technology Service

The Federal Technology Service (FTS)delivers best value and innovative 
solutions in information technology, network services, and professional 
services to support Government agency missions worldwide.
    FTS works with agency customers to understand their mission and 
requirements and to help them choose, acquire, implement, and manage the 
funding for the best solutions to meet those needs. FTS works closely 
with every major Federal Government agency--civilian and military--on a 
reimbursable fee-for-service basis. Services are available through FTS 
national programs and FTS organizations located in each of the 11 GSA 
regional offices. Services are offered in three major business lines.
    The FTS network services business line uses the Government's buying 
power to obtain telecommunications products and services including 
global voice, data, and video services, supporting both local (Regional 
Services Business Unit) and long-distance users (Long Distance Business 
Unit). Through its contracts, FTS network services offers comprehensive 
telecommunications at the lowest price available. Both business units 
assist customer agencies in defining requirements, identifying 
solutions, ordering services, and managing services, including billing 
    The FTS IT solutions business line provides acquisition, project 
management, and financial services to assist Federal agencies in 
identifying, acquiring, deploying, managing, and using technology 
solutions. It also provides information security services to help 
agencies protect their data and related information. FTS Client Support 
Centers (National and Regional IT Solutions) help client agencies 
identify and acquire solutions to meet their needs through GSA contracts 
and other governmentwide sources.
    The FTS professional services business line provides acquisition, 
project management, and financial services on a cost reimbursable basis 
to assist Federal agencies in acquiring a broad range of professional 
services through three specific GSA Multiple Awards Schedules. The 
schedules include Management Organization and Business Improvement, 
Logistics, and Professional Engineering Services.
    FTS manages and operates several governmentwide programs that 
provide important services to citizens and to the Government. These 
programs include the Blue Pages, which provides Government listings in 
telephone books throughout the country, Federal Relay Servicewhich makes 
TTY services available to the public to communicate

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with Government agencies, and e-Authentication, which supports emerging 
e-Government projects throughout Federal agencies.

For further information, contact the Federal Technology Service at a 
nearby GSA Regional Office, or phone 703-306-6000.

Federal Supply Service

The Federal Supply Service (FSS) provides goods and services for the 
Federal marketplace, providing customers with economical, efficient, and 
effective service delivery and significant savings in time and 
administrative costs. By taking advantage of the Government's aggregate 
buying power, FSS achieves significant savings for both the customer and 
the taxpayer. The FSS employs world-class business practices and carries 
out its mission through the following five business lines.
    The commercial acquisition business line offers Federal agencies 
millions of commercial products and an extensive range of technology, 
financial, environmental, management, and administrative services 
through the Multiple Awards Schedules program and governmentwide 
acquisition contracts. Agencies make best-value choices among 4 million 
products and services available from more than 16,500 commercial 
suppliers under contract to FSS.
    The supply program provides quick fulfillment of recurring customer 
needs for basic business and mission supplies by leveraging best 
practices in supply chain management programs. Fulfillment solutions for 
supplies include electronic and hard copy catalogs, multiple ordering 
channels, FSS management of billing and paying transactions, order 
administration, and customer service support. The supply program is 
fully complementary to the service and solutions offered through the 
Commercial Acquisition Multiple Award Schedule program and 
governmentwide acquisition contracts. The supply distribution system 
provides critical support to the Government's national defense, disaster 
relief and other strategic missions stocking emergency readiness items 
like shovels, batteries, helmets and sandbags.
    The vehicleacquisition and leasing services business line provides 
two distinct services. One service, GSA Automotive, manages the 
acquisition of vehicles for all Federal agencies through consolidated 
acquisitions and the Multiple Awards Schedules program. The other 
service is a leasing program, GSA Fleet, which manages a fleet of more 
than 194,000 vehicles, providing non-tactical vehicles needed by 
civilian and military customer agencies with a comprehensive leasing 
program. GSA Fleet handles all aspects of the management of these assets 
including vehicle acquisition, maintenance and repair, accident 
management, fuel expenses, resale of used vehicles, and a selection of 
alternative-fuel vehicles.
    The travel and transportation business line helps control the 
Government's direct and administrative costs for travel and 
transportation services. Travel services include negotiated airline 
contracts, travel agency, and travel charge card services. 
Transportation services include the shipment of parcels, freight, and 
household goods. The business line also oversees the use of audit 
contractors to examine the Government's air passenger, freight, and 
household goods transportation billings to identify and seek recovery of 
incorrect billings and overpayments for the Federal Government.
    And the personalproperty program provides for property sales through 
comprehensive cost-effective solutions. Property no longer needed by one 
Federal agency is entered into an electronic system for screening and 
use by other Federal agencies, thereby avoiding new procurements. 
Property with no further Federal use can be screened electronically and 
is offered at no cost to State and local governments and eligible 
nonprofit groups. Property whose value cannot be extended by reuse or 
donation is sold to the public, primarily through online auctions.

For more information, contact the Federal Supply Service, Washington, DC 
20406. Phone, 703-605-5400. Internet, www.fss.gsa.gov.

[[Page 437]]

Public Buildings Service

The Public Buildings Service (PBS) is the landlord for the civilian 
Federal Government. PBS provides a superior workplace for the Federal 
worker and superior value to the American taxpayer.
    PBS designs, builds, leases, manages, and maintains space in office 
buildings, courthouses, laboratories, border stations, data processing 
centers, warehouses, and child care centers. It also repairs, alters, 
and renovates existing facilities and disposes of surplus Government 
properties. PBS is a leader in energy conservation, build green, and 
recycling. It preserves and maintains more than 400 historic properties 
in the Federal Government's inventory. PBS also commissions our 
country's most talented artists to create artwork for new Federal 
buildings and conserves a substantial inventory of artwork from the 
    PBS collects rent from Federal tenants, which is deposited into the 
Federal Buildings Fund, the principal funding mechanism for PBS.

For further information, contact the Office of the Commissioner, Public 
Buildings Service. Phone, 202-501-1100. Internet, www.gsa.gov/pbs.

            Regional Offices--General Services Administration
         Region                Address              Administrator
New England.............  Boston, MA (10     Dennis Smith
                           Causeway St.,
Northeast and Caribbean.  New York, NY (26   Karl H. Reichelt
                           Federal Plz.,
Mid-Atlantic............  Philadelphia, PA   Barbara L. Shelton
                           (20 N. Eighth
                           St., 19107-3191).
Southeast Sunbelt.......  Atlanta, GA        Edwin E. Fielder, Jr.
                           (Suite 600, 77
                           Forsyth St.,
Great Lakes.............  Chicago, IL (230   James C. Handley
                           S. Dearborn St.,
The Heartland...........  Kansas City, MO    Bradley Scott
                           (1500 E.
                           Bannister Rd.,
Greater Southwest.......  Fort Worth, TX     Scott Armey
                           (819 Taylor St.,
Rocky Mountain..........  Denver, CO (Bldg.  Larry Trujillo, Sr.
                           41, Denver
                           Federal Ctr.,
Pacific Rim.............  San Francisco, CA  Peter G. Stamison
                           (5th Fl., 450
                           Golden Gate
                           Ave., 94102).
Northwest/Arctic........  Auburn, WA (GSA    John R. Kvistad
                           Ctr., 400 15th
                           St. SW., 98002).
National Capital........  Washington, DC     Donald C. Williams
                           (7th & D Sts.
                           SW., 20407).

Sources of Information

Contracts  Individuals seeking to do business with the General Services 
Administration may obtain detailed information from the Small Business 
Centers listed in the preceding text.
Electronic Access  Information about GSA is available electronically 
through the Internet, at www.gsa.gov.
Employment  Inquiries and applications should be directed to the Central 
Office Human Resources Division (CPS), Office of Human Resources 
Services, General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 
Fraud and Waste  Contact the Inspector General's Hotline. Phone, 202-
501-1780, or 800-424-5210.
Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Requests  Inquiries concerning 
policies pertaining to Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act 
matters should be addressed to the GSA FOIA or Privacy Act Officer, 
General Services Administration, Room 7136, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 
202-501-2262 or 202-501-3415. Fax, 202-501-2727.
Property Disposal  Inquiries about the redistribution or competitive 
sale of surplus real property should be directed to the Office of 
Property Disposal, Public Buildings Service, 1800 F Street NW., 
Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 202-501-0084.
Public and News Media Inquiries  Inquiries from both the general public 
and news media should be directed to the Office of Communications, 
General Services Administration, 1800 F Street NW., Washington, DC 
20405. Phone, 202-501-1231.
Publications  Many GSA publications are available at moderate prices 
through the bookstores of the Government Printing Office (http://
bookstore.gpo.gov). Orders and inquiries concerning publications and 
subscriptions for sale by the Government Printing Office should be 
directed to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, 
Washington, DC 20401. Others may be obtained free or at cost from a

[[Page 438]]

Small Business Center. If a publication is not distributed by any of the 
stores, inquiries should be directed to the originating agency's service 
or office. The addresses for GSA inquiries are:

  Public Buildings Service (P), General Services Administration, 
    Washington, DC 20405

  Federal Supply Service (F), General Services Administration, 
    Washington, DC 20406

  Office of Finance (BC), General Services Administration, Washington, 
    DC 20405

  Federal Technology Service (T), General Services Administration, 10304 
    Eaton Place, Fairfax, VA 22030

    For a free copy of the U.S. Government TTY Directory, contact the 
Federal Citizen Information Center, Department TTY, Pueblo, CO 81009. 
Phone, 888-878-3256. Internet, www.gsa.gov/frs. For a free copy of the 
quarterly Consumer Information Catalog, including information on food, 
nutrition, employment, Federal benefits, the environment, fraud, privacy 
and Internet issues, investing and credit, and education, write to the 
Federal Citizen Information Center, Pueblo, CO 81009. Phone, 888-878-
3256. Internet, www.pueblo.gsa.gov.
    For information about Federal programs and services, call the 
Federal Citizen Information Center's National Contact Centers at 800-
333-4636, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. eastern time.
    For a free copy of the Federal Relay Service Brochure, contact the 
GSA Federal Technology Service. Phone, 877-387-2001. TTY, 202-585-1840.
Small Business Activities  Inquiries concerning programs to assist small 
businesses should be directed to one of the Small Business Centers 
listed in the preceding text.
Speakers  Inquiries and requests for speakers should be directed to the 
Office of Citizen Services and Communications (X), General Services 
Administration, Washington, DC 20405 (phone, 202-501-0705); or contact 
the nearest regional office.

For further information concerning the General Services Administration, 
contact the Office of Citizen Services and Communications (X), General 
Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 202-501-0705. 
Internet, www.gsa.gov.