[United States Government Manual]
[June 01, 2006]
[Pages 546-549]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]


475 L'Enfant Plaza SW., Washington, DC 20260-0010

Phone, 202-268-2000. Internet, www.usps.gov.
Board of Governors:                                 

Chairman of the Board                             James C. Miller III
Vice Chairman of the Board                        Alan C. Kessler
Secretary of the Board                            Wendy A. Hocking
Inspector General                                 David C. Williams
Governors                                         Carolyn Lewis 
                                                          John S. 
                                                          Gardner, Louis 
                                                          J. Giuliano, 
                                                          (4 vacancies)
Postmaster General, Chief Executive Officer       John E. Potter
Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Operating     Patrick R. Donahoe


Postmaster General, Chief Executive Officer       John E. Potter
    Vice President, Strategic Planning            Linda A. Kingsley
    Deputy Postmaster General                     Patrick R. Donahoe
    Executive Vice President, Chief               Anita J. Bizzoto
            Marketing Officer
        Chief Postal Inspector                    Lee Heath
        Chief Financial Officer and               Richard J. Strasser, 
                Executive Vice President                  Jr.
        Senior Vice President,                    Tom Day
                Government Relations
        Executive Vice President, Chief           Anthony Vegliante
                Human Resources Officer
        Senior Vice President,                    Charles E. Bravo
                Intelligent Mail and 
                Address Quality
        Senior Vice President, General            Mary Anne Gibbons
        Senior Vice President,                    William Galligan

Area Operations:                                    

    Vice President, Eastern Area                  Alexander Lazaroff
    Vice President, Great Lakes Area              Jo Ann Feindt
    Vice President, New York Metro Area           David L. Solomon
    Vice President, Northeast Area                Megan Brennan
    Vice President, Pacific Area                  Al Iniguez
    Vice President, Southeast Area                William J. Brown
    Vice President, Southwest Area                George L. Lopez
    Vice President, Western Area                  Sylvester Black
    Capital Metro Operations Manager              Jerry Lane

[For the United States Postal Service statement of organization, see the 
        Code of Federal Regulations, Title 39, Part 221]


The United States Postal Service provides mail processing and delivery 
services to individuals and businesses within the United States. The 
Service is committed to serving customers through the development of 
efficient mail-handling systems and

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operates its own planning and engineering programs. It also protects the 
mails from loss or theft and apprehends those who violate postal laws.
The Postal Service was created as an independent establishment of the 
executive branch by the Postal Reorganization Act (39 U.S.C. 101 et 
seq.), approved August 12, 1970. The present United States Postal 
Service commenced operations on July 1, 1971.
    The Postal Service has approximately 705,000 career employees and 
handles about 212 billion pieces of mail annually. The chief executive 
officer of the Postal Service, the Postmaster General, is appointed by 
the nine Governors of the Postal Service, who are appointed by the 
President with the advice and consent of the Senate for overlapping 9-
year terms. The Governors and the Postmaster General appoint the Deputy 
Postmaster General, and these 11 people constitute the Board of 
    In addition to the national headquarters, there are area and 
district offices supervising more than 37,000 post offices, branches, 
stations, and community post offices throughout the United States.


In order to expand and improve service to the public, the Postal Service 
is engaged in customer cooperation activities, including the development 
of programs for both the general public and major customers. The 
Consumer Advocate, a postal ombudsman, represents the interest of the 
individual mail customer in matters involving the Postal Service by 
bringing complaints and suggestions to the attention of top postal 
management and solving the problems of individual customers. To provide 
postal services responsive to public needs, the Postal Service operates 
its own planning, research, engineering, real estate, and procurement 
programs specially adapted to postal requirements, and maintains close 
ties with international postal organizations.
    The Postal Service is the only Federal agency whose employment 
policies are governed by a process of collective bargaining under the 
National Labor Relations Act. Labor contract negotiations, affecting all 
bargaining unit personnel, as well as personnel matters involving 
employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements, are 
administered by Labor Relations or Human Resources.
    The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is the Federal law enforcement 
agency which has jurisdiction in criminal matters affecting the 
integrity and security of the mail. Postal Inspectors enforce more than 
200 Federal statutes involving mail fraud, mail bombs, child 
pornography, illegal drugs, mail theft, and other postal crimes, as well 
as being responsible for the protection of all postal employees. 
Information on the Postal Inspection Service is available on the 
Internet at www.usps.gov/postalinspectors.

         Postal Inspection Service--United States Postal Service
          Division                     Address               Telephone
Atlanta....................  P.O. Box 16489, Atlanta, GA    404-608-4500
Boston.....................  495 Summer St., Boston, MA     617-556-4400
Charlotte..................  2901 Scott Futrell Dr.,        704-329-9120
                              Charlotte, NC 28228-3000.
Chicago....................  Fl. 6, 433 W. Harrison St.,    312-983-7900
                              Chicago, IL 60669-2201.
Denver.....................  Suite 900, 1745 Stout St.,     303-313-5320
                              Denver, CO 80202-3034.
Detroit....................  P.O. Box 330119, Detroit,      313-226-8184
                              MI 48232-6119.
Fort Worth.................  14800 Trinity Blvd., Fort      817-359-2700
                              Worth, TX 76161-2929.
Houston....................  650 N. Sam Houston Pkwy,       713-238-4400
                              Houston, TX 77251-1276.
Los Angeles................  P.O. Box 2000, Pasadena, CA    626-405-1200
Miami......................  6th Fl., 3400 Lakeside Dr.,    954-436-7200
                              Miramar, FL 33027-3242.
New Jersey/Caribbean.......  P.O. Box 509, Newark, NJ       973-693-5400
New York...................  P.O. Box 555, New York, NY     212-330-3844
Philadelphia...............  Rm. 400, 2970 Market St.,      215-895-8450
                              Philadelphia, PA 19101-
Pittsburgh.................  Rm. 2101, 1001 California      412-359-7900
                              Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15290-
San Francisco..............  P.O. Box 882528, San           415-778-5800
                              Francisco, CA 94188-2528.
Seattle....................  P.O. Box 400, Seattle, WA      206-442-6300

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St. Louis..................  1106 Walnut St., St. Louis,    314-539-9300
                              MO 63199-2201.
Washington, DC.............  Suite 200, 10500 Little        410-715-7700
                              Patuxent Pkwy., Columbia,
                              MD 21044-3509.

Sources of Information

Consumer Information  For general information, call 800-275-8777 (800-
ASK-USPS) 24 hours a day. Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Package 
Support Line, 800-222-1811. Information on past and present schemes used 
to defraud the public is available through Congressional and Public 
Affairs, Postal Inspection Service. Phone, 202-268-5400.
Contracts and Small Business Activities  Contact Supplier Diversity. 
Phone, 202-268-4633.
Employment  General information about jobs such as clerk, letter 
carrier, etc., including information about programs for veterans, may be 
obtained by contacting the nearest post office.
    Individuals interested in working at Postal Headquarters in 
Washington, DC, may obtain information by calling the U.S. Postal 
Service information hotline. Phone, 800-562-8777 (800-JOB-USPS). Current 
vacancy announcements are also listed in the Postal Service Web site, at 
    Information about Postal Inspector employment may be obtained from 
the Office of Recruitment. Phone, 301-983-7400.
Inspector General  The Office of Inspector General maintains a toll-free 
hotline as a means for individuals to report activities involving fraud, 
waste, or mismanagement. Phone, 888-877-7644 (888-USPS-OIG). Fax, 703-
248-2259. Complaints may be sent by mail to the United States Postal 
Service, Office of Inspector General Hotline, 10th Floor, 1735 North 
Lynn Street, Arlington, VA 22209-2020. Publicly available documents and 
information on the Office of Inspector General and some Freedom of 
Information Act documents are available electronically through the 
Internet at www.uspsoig.gov.
Philatelic Sales  Contact Stamp Fulfillment Services, Kansas City, MO 
64179-1009. Phone, 800-782-6724 (800-STAMP-24).
Publications  Pamphlets on mailability, postage rates and fees, and many 
other topics may be obtained free of charge from the nearest post 
    Most postal regulations are contained in Postal Service manuals 
covering domestic mail, international mail, postal operations, 
administrative support, employee and labor relations, financial 
management, and procurement. These manuals and other publications 
including the National Five-Digit ZIP Code and Post Office Directory 
(Publication 65) may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, 
Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402-0001. The National 
Five-Digit ZIP Code and Post Office Directory is also available through 
local post offices.
Reading Rooms  Located on the 11th Floor North, Library. Phone, 202-268-

For further information, contact the U.S. Postal Service, 475 L'Enfant 
Plaza SW., Washington, DC 20260. Phone, 202-268-2000. Internet,