About Congressional Record Index

The Congressional Record Index (CRI) serves as the index to the Congressional Record. When Congress is in session, the Joint Committee on Printing publishes the Congressional Record Index. In print, the Congressional Record Index contains both the index proper and the History of Bills and Resolutions. The History of Bills and Resolutions is a separate collection in FDsys.


The index proper lists individuals, organizations, and topics mentioned in the Congressional Record. Each CRI entry refers to a page number in the Congressional Record and the date of the daily issue in the format "S1234 [19JA]" (page 1234 in the Senate section from the January 19 issue for that year).


Members of Congress are listed alphabetically by last name in the Congressional Record Index. Thus, users must search for individuals by entering the last name before the first name. Additionally, users should include all forms of an individual's first name, since Members of Congress may choose how they want their name to appear in the Congressional Record. For instance, in the 1991 Congressional Record Index , Bob Dole is listed as both“Dole, Bob” and “Dole, Robert”.


FDsys contains CRI issues from 1983 to the present. All documents are available as ASCII text files. In addition, documents from the 1998 CRI are available as HTML files with links to pages in the Congressional Record.


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