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Hotline | Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and/or Mismanagement

The Hotline is a confidential reporting mechanism operated by the OIG that provides current and former GPO employees, vendors, and the general public a critically important avenue for reporting allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and/or mismanagement (see examples below) related to GPO programs, operations, and personnel. Anyone who suspects that a rule and/or law is being or was violated that impacts GPO in anyway is strongly encouraged to contact the Hotline.

How to File a Complaint or Contact the Hotline
We prefer that you file a complaint using the Online Complaint Form. The form can be filled out and submitted online or printed/downloaded and filled out at a later time and submitted via e-mail, fax, or U.S. mail.

  • Online Complaint Form
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 1.800.743.7574
  • Fax: 1.202.512.1352
  • Mailing Address:  U.S. Government Publishing Office
                                 Office of Inspector General Hotline
                                 P.O. Box 1790
                                 Washington, DC 20013-1790

Complainant Confidentiality and/or Anonymity

  • Confidentiality – In accordance with the GPO Inspector General Act of 1988 and Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, the identity of all individuals who file a complaint with the OIG will remain confidential and not disclosed to anyone outside of the OIG without the consent of the individual complainant, or if “the Inspector General determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation.”
  • Anonymity – The OIG will accept and review anonymous complaints; however, the ability to fully address the content of the complaint may be seriously degraded without the ability to contact the complainant for further information or clarification, if deemed necessary.

Examples of Allegations Customarily Investigated by the OIG

  • False Claims – work not performed or not performed to specification, inflated cost or double billing, or false / altered contract invoices
  • False Statements – misrepresentation of eligibility, work product or performance, or work progress or completion
  • Bribery – payment to influence contract award or payments during contract performance to ignore problems
  • Conflicts of Interest – government official has a monetary interest in/with a contractor or a contractor hires a relative of a government contracting official
  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud – claiming false injury, failure to report employment or volunteer work, or claiming false information regarding dependents
  • Employee Misconduct – violation of the GPO Standards of Conduct, theft or misuse of government funds and/or property, misuse or misappropriation of GPO Transit Subsidy Program or Parking Program benefits

Examples of Allegations Not Typically Investigated by the OIG

  • Day-to-day management decisions
  • EEO Complaints
  • Issues that are handled by the grievance process
  • Issues handled by other government agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, Justice Department, Office of Personnel Management
  • Employee benefits and compensation
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