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Office of Investigations

The Office of Investigations (OI) conducts and coordinates investigations into alleged fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement affecting GPO programs, operations, and personnel. OI investigations routinely lead to criminal, civil, and/or administrative proceedings that result in the imposition of a number of remedies, such as court-imposed prison terms, fines, restitution, contractor suspension and/or debarment, and employee suspension and/or removal from Federal service.

Fiscal Year 2016

Report No.

15-0004-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Florida-Based Print Procurement Contractor Failed to  Disclose Foreign Sourced Purchase
15-0016-I   Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Misuse of a Government Position
15-0020-I   Management Referral—Service Members’ SSNs Distributed Through the FDLP
16-0001-I Suspension/Debarment Referral—Indiana-Based Print Procurement Contractor  Misrepresented Production Method
16-0002-I Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Inappropriate use of Government Computers
16-0003-I Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Falsified Critical Questions on Job Application
16-0004-I Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Claimed and Subsequently Paid for Hours Not Worked
16-0005-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Florida-Based Print Procurement Contractor Violated Security Requirements
16-0008-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Maryland-Based Print Procurement Contractor Inappropriately Transferred Contract
16-0009-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—New Jersey-Based Print Procurement Contractor Improperly Transferred Contracts That Included Sensitive Information To An Affiliate Third Party

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