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Office of Investigations

Fiscal Year 2016
Report #Title

Suspension/Debarment Referral—Florida-Based Print Procurement Contractor Failed to  Disclose Foreign Sourced Purchase

15-0016-I   Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Misuse of a Government Position
15-0020-I   Management Referral—Service Members’ SSNs Distributed Through the FDLP
16-0001-I Suspension/Debarment Referral—Indiana-Based Print Procurement Contractor  Misrepresented Production Method
16-0002-I Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Inappropriate use of Government Computers
16-0003-I Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Falsified Critical Questions on Job Application
16-0004-I Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Claimed and Subsequently Paid for Hours Not Worked
16-0005-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Florida-Based Print Procurement Contractor Violated Security Requirements
16-0008-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Maryland-Based Print Procurement Contractor Inappropriately Transferred Contract
16-0009-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—New Jersey-Based Print Procurement Contractor Improperly Transferred Contracts That Included Sensitive Information To An Affiliate Third Party
Fiscal Year 2015
Report #Title
13-0003-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Utah Company and its Representatives Violated GPO Contract Terms
15-0010-I   Management Referral—Misconduct—Unauthorized Disclosure of Security Services Information
15-0001-I   Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Allegations of an Employee Misrepresenting Employment Experience
14-0022-I   Management Referral—Medicare & You 2015 Handbook Contract Requirements Were Not Always Clear
14-0008-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—California Company Committed Bankruptcy Fraud
14-0025-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Two Illinois Companies Engaged in Collusive Behavior
15-0007-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Pennsylvania Company Did Not Safeguard Personally Identifiable Information
15-0015-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Georgia Company Violated GPO Contract
15-0013-I   Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Employee Misappropriated GPO Property for Personal Use
15-0019-I   Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Threatened Workplace Violence
Fiscal Year 2014
Report #Title
10-0019-I   Controlled Quality Corporation and Owner Settle with the U.S. Government
14-0012-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Two Florida Businesses engaged in Unauthorized Subcontracting and More
12-0006-I   Contractor Found Guilty and Sentenced for Felony Fraud and Uttering
14-0011-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Maryland Companies Violated GPO Print Procurement Regulation
14-0023-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Utah Company Violated the Buy America Act and More
14-0013-I   Suspension/Debarment Referral—Misconduct of Contractor
14-0015-I   Blank Government Identification Card Stock Recovered
14-0028-C   Management Referral—Employee Misconduct—Misuse of Government Position to Steer a Contract
14-0002-I   Management Referral—Use of A Commercial Vendor Could Save Money
14-0001-C   Management Referral—Handling of a Suspicious Substance
14-0001-I   Management Referral—Allegations of Workplace Violence
Fiscal Year 2012
Report #Title
Management Implication Report: Vendor Invoice Processing - Printing
Fiscal Year 2011
Report #Title
2009-0028 Management Implication Report on Surplus Property Management
2009-0024 Management Implication Report: Employee Misconduct on Second and Third Shifts
06-09-11 Management’s Response to Management Implication Report: Employee Misconduct on Second and Third Shifts
06-21-11 Management’s Response to Management Implication Report on Surplus Property Management
Fiscal Year 2009
Report #Title
09-08-09 Management’s Response to Management Implication Report Publication of House Document 11137 on U.S. Nuclear Sites
08-03-09 Management Implication Report: Publication of House Document 111-37 on U.S. Nuclear Sites
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