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GPO's Office of Congressional Relations communicates information and advocates GPO's initiatives to Congress, including GPO's oversight and appropriations committees. The Office serves as an expert resource on GPO for Congress and helps facilitate and resolve the needs of Members of Congress, congressional committees and staff, and their constituents on behalf of GPO. All information products and services provided meet the highest standards for accuracy, integrity, fairness, and professionalism. The Office provides high-quality, fact-based, and timely information products and services to support the goals of GPO management and respond to congressional inquiries and requests.

Liaison with the Joint Committee on Printing
The Office of Congressional Relations is responsible for maintaining liaison with the Joint Committee on Printing, GPO's oversight committee. Liaison with the JCP is conducted under the requirements of the provisions of Title 44, U.S.C. and the following two JCP resolutions: JCP Resolution 1 | JCP Resolution 2. Both Title 44 and the JCP resolutions require prior approval of certain GPO actions before they can take effect.

Government Printing and Binding Regulations
Federal printing and publishing activities in general are conducted in compliance with the Government Printing & Binding Regulations, published by the Joint Committee on Printing.

Liaison with the appropriations committees of the U.S. Senate
and House of Representatives

The Office of Congressional Relations is responsible for providing testimony and other information to congressional appropriators in support of GPO's appropriations requests. GPO's FY 2017 Budget Submission can be viewed here.

GPO's funding for FY 2016, as provided under P.L. 114-113, can be viewed here.

GPO's prepared statements to the House and Senate Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittees on the agency's budget request can be viewed here. House | Senate

Congressional Communications
All communications from congressional offices in conjunction with official business or constituent requests or concerns should be addressed through this office.

Legislative Information
All official information regarding legislation affecting GPO is obtainable through this office.

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Andrew M. Sherman
Congressional Relations Officer (Acting)

Yalanda Johnson
Congressional Relations Specialist

George D. Barnum
Agency Historian
Congressional Relations Specialist

U.S. Government Publishing Office
Office of Congressional Relations
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