G-Invoicing (GINV) is a new online platform developed by Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service for funding officials, program officials, and payment approvers to originate and settle Buy/Sell IGT.

GINV will serve as a gateway for all Federal entities to agree upon funding terms and accounting treatment of reimbursable activity, and exchange that data with one another for consistent financial reporting.

All Federal agencies, including GPO, will be mandated to adopt GINV beginning October 1, 2022.

The GPO GINV Implementation Team is actively planning for the adoption of G-Invoicing and its integration into the GPO ordering process. 

Refer to Circular Letter No.1089 for the latest guidance on how GPO will be implementing G-Invoicing.

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We are here to help. If you have questions on how GINV will impact your orders to GPO, please contact the GPO GINV Implementation Team mailbox at [email protected].