We can help your agency make financial arrangements to pay for printing and products by Automated Clearing House (ACH), credit card, deposit account, direct billing, or Intra-Government Payment and Collection (IPAC). For more information, see our Finance and Funding Options.

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Financial Document Repository

The GPO Financial Document Repository gives you the flexibility to control your funds with a deposit account or access Digital GPO Form 400 for Invoices.


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U.S. Government Publishing Office
Customer Account Division
Office of Finance
732 North Capitol Street, NW
Mail Stop FMCAD, Rm C628
Washington, DC 20401

Customer Account Division
Office of Finance
ph 202.512.0626

Deposit Accounts-Publishing Related
6-Digit Account Number
ph 202.512.0822

Deposit Accounts-Superintendent of Documents
7-Digit Account Number
ph 202.512.0822

Congressional Inquiries
Official Journals of Government
ph 202.512.0224

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