Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Case Inventory

AI technology is already significantly impacting some key functions, such as how people search for information, check computer code for errors, and perform query analysis. In the future, AI's reach will dramatically expand into new areas, and it is essential that the Agency appropriately considers any risks associated with deploying those new technologies. GPO has recently begun exploring how AI advanced technologies can benefit the Agency, ensure our products' security, enhance productivity, and increase efficiency. In the effort to create a transparent adoption of AI technologies, this page serves to highlight the various uses of AI across GPO.

Active AI Use Cases
V1.1 02/16/2024

ID AI Use Case Name Summary of Use Case Stage of Development AI Technique
1 Audio Transcription Automatic transcription of meeting comments by participants. In Production Cloud based commercial-off-the-shelf pre-trained Natural Language Processing (NLP) models.
2 Threat Detection Using machine learning to improve threat detection and reduce false positives. In Production Detects malware using a machine learning model which uses static analysis and predictive analytics.
3 Threat Detection Cloud-based threat detection engine uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect when a device is operating outside of its normal “known good” baseline. In Production Search based machine learning and AI to detect when a device is operating outside of its normal “known good” baseline.
4 Spelling, grammar, and plagiarism check Checks grammar and spelling automatically. In Production Cloud based commercial-off-the-shelf.
5 Internet Browser The following features are available for use currently in our environment:
  • Chat – Ask complex questions, get answers, obtain summarized information, search on topics
  • Compose – create drafts in various tones and format
  • Read Aloud – listen to content in various voices
  • Insights – real-time data and research
In Production Cloud based commercial-off-the-shelf.
6 Machine Learning The built-in machine learning features offer insights and automate data-driven operations including predicting/estimating capacity utilization and autoscaling, locating and evaluating application performance issues, and spotting anomalous behaviors in virtual machines, containers, and other resources. These features are leveraged to improve IT operations and monitoring. Being evaluated Built-In Monitor machine learning.
7 Cognitive Services search engine (GPO Intranet site) The intranet website search engine is powered by AI cognitive feature. In Production Cognitive search engine.
8 DevOps The ability to create dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects using the DevOps toolset. In Production Provides AI project using the DevOps toolset to establish appropriate AI use cases and stories to characterize specific AI needs for the Government Publishing Office.
9 PII Scanning Scans data for personally identifiable information. In Production Named-entity recognition model to organize unstructured text into defined categories.
Table updated quarterly (02/16/2024)