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Continuity of Operations Programs (COOP)

No Current COOP Activities

What is COOP?
Continuity of Operations (COOP) is the initiative that ensures that Federal Government departments and agencies are able to continue operation of their essential functions under a broad range of circumstances including all-hazard emergencies as well as natural, man-made, and technological threats and national security emergencies. Today's threat environment makes COOP planning even more critical. 

At GPO, COOP enables continuation of essential functions of government printing and passport production operations for Congress, government agencies and the State Department in the event of a national security or isolated emergency affecting GPO facilities in Washington, DC. GPO's business continuity plan assures the ability for GPO to produce U.S. passports and publish:

  • Congressional documents
  • Congressional Record
  • Federal Register

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued specific and detailed guidance regarding COOP capabilities in Federal Continuity Directive 1 (FCD 1).

All employees should prepare in advance by assembling a go-kit.

How You Will Be Alerted of a COOP Event
Communication with GPO employees, COOP personnel, and management is critical in a COOP event. The GPO communications plan is as follows:

  • GPO will notify employees, business partners and other government agencies using a state-of-the-art communication system for voice and email notification.
  • Employees should visit for the latest information and situation status in a COOP event. Important information, site status and work instructions will be updated on this webpage within 24 hours of COOP activation.
  • Employees will receive additional information through the GPO communication system to voice and email contact information.
  • Employees may also call the COOP information line (202.789.1688) for recorded information regarding COOP event information, status of building operations, reporting to alternate COOP work sites and general COOP communications.




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