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GPO 2511 — Term Contract Print Order

Please read before downloading and submitting the GPO 2511

The GPO 2511 (Print Order) is used to place orders on term contracts.

For an easy to use reference guide download the 2511 Instructions.

Form 2693 - Additional Shipping Instructions for Orders with SuDocs Riders

It is required to submit the Print Order to GPO immediately after the order is placed with the contractor. Failure to do so may result in delay of payment to the contactor and untimely delays in the agency receiving their bill. In addition, ensure that the Print Order is a valid number and it has not been used on a previous order and verify the Jacket, Purchase Order number, State and Contractor's Code prior to submission. Contact your Contract Administrator if you have questions regarding this information.

Important information:

The Treasury Accounting System (TAS) and Business Event Type Code (BETC) BETC is a code of data used in the Central Accounting Reporting System (CARS) to indicate the type of activity being reported, such as payments, collections, etc. The BETC must always accompany the TAS in order to classify the transaction against the fund balance with Treasury.

CARS reporting agencies are required to submit their agency's Component TAS and BETC in order to properly process their billings through the U.S. Department of Treasury IPAC system. If you are submitting a 2511 on behalf of one of these agencies, the Component TAS MUST be included on the 2511. Please enter this information in the field "Treasury Accounting Symbol (TAS)". Information entered in this field will appear on the IPAC statement.

The Line of Accounting (LOA) is an identification code assigned by the customer agency doing business with GPO. It provides reference information to the agency's original obligating document and is used to verify that billings are properly charged. The LOA is a variable length, alpha-numeric code.

The agencies listed below require an LOA or other accounting information in order to properly process their billings. If you are submitting a GPO 2511 on behalf of one of these agencies, the LOA or other accounting information MUST be included on the GPO 2511. Please enter this information in the field "Line of Accounting/Document Reference Number." Information entered in this field will appear on the IPAC statement. In addition, please include your email address and phone number (commercial) in the "Additional Information" field toward the bottom of the form. Incomplete data may delay processing your request.

Some agencies require two Lines of Accounting. If your agency is one of those, enter the second LOA in the “Additional Information” field on the GPO 2511.

If your agency is listed below, click here for additional information.

USDA - Forest Service
United States Army
Commerce - NIST
Commerce - NOAA
DLA Document Services
General Services Administration
Homeland Security - CIS
Interior - Bureau of Indian Affairs
Interior - Bureau of Land Management
Interior - Bureau of Reclamation
Interior-NPS-Harpers Ferry Center
Peace Corps
Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration
Treasury - Bureau of Public Debt
United States Coast Guard

Incomplete data may delay processing your request.

Contact your GPO Customer Services team or regional office if you need further assistance.

If your agency changes its accounting requirements for billing please contact

Additional Agency LOA and Accounting Information

BAC SeriesOrganizationRequires LOA
3410USDA - Forest ServiceYes
3710United States ArmyYes
3510Commerce - NISTYes
3510Commerce - NOAAYes
5000, 5001DLA Document ServicesYes
6820General Services AdministrationYes
Health and Human Services (Click for additional information)
9110-08Homeland Security - CISYes
4310Interior - Bureau of Indian AffairsYes
4310Interior - Bureau of Land ManagementYes
4310Interior - Bureau of ReclamationYes
4310-82Interior-NPS-Harpers Ferry CenterYes
6051Peace CorpsYes
4910Transportation (Click for additional information)Yes
4810Treasury - Bureau of Public DebtYes
4910United States Coast GuardYes

r. 1/31/2014

BAC = Billing Address Code
Download the 2511
Download the 2511 Instructions

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