U.S. Government Printing Office
Office of the General Counsel
Contract Appeals Board

Appeal of Kaufman DeDell Printing, Inc.
April 13, 1976

Vincent T. McCarthy, Chairman
Jay E. Eisen, Member
Robert M. Diamond, Member
Panel 76-4

Mrs.  Mary H.  DeDell, President
Kaufman DeDell Printing, Inc.
812 North State Street
P.O. Box 186
Syracuse, New York  13208

This is to acknowledge receipt on March 15, 1976, of your undated
letter in reference to Jacket No. 529-346.

Your letter indicates that you are appealing the decision of the
contracting officer on said Jacket No. 529-346, pursuant to the
provisions of Article 29, United States Government Printing
Office, Contract Terms No. 1, which is incorporated by reference
as an integral part of the contract.

Article 29, the "disputes article" of the contract, provides in
pertinent part, the following:

" . . . any dispute concerning a question of fact arising under
this contract which is not disposed of by agreement shall be
decided by the Contracting Officer, who shall reduce his decision
to writing and mail or otherwise furnish, a copy thereof to the
Contractor.  The decision of the Contracting Officer shall be
final and conclusive unless, within 30 days from the date of
receipt of such copy, the Contractor mails or otherwise furnishes
to the Contracting Officer a written appeal addressed to the
Public Printer."

The records of the Contracting Officer disclose that your request
for the assessment of liquidated damages because of late delivery
was resolved by a decision of the Contracting Officer and that
you were notified of the decision by letter dated April 23, 1975,
which denied the relief sought.

Your Notice of Appeal, received at the Government Printing Office
on March 15, 1976, is patently untimely.  A contracting officer's
determination is considered final and conclusive unless an appeal
is lodged within 30 days from the date of receipt of his
decision, as set out in the disputes clause.

In view of the foregoing, your appeal in the above styled
contract is dismissed.