Acting Deputy Director and
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

By operation of GPO’s internal directive on succession, July 1, 2018, Jackson has been serving as GPO’s Acting Deputy Director. As Chief Administrative Officer, Jackson oversees GPO’s Human Capital, Information Technology and Systems, Acquisitions, Security, and Administrative Support business units.


Jackson has more than three decades of experience at GPO. Prior to becoming Chief Administrative Officer in September 2013, he served as Managing Director of GPO’s Business Products & Services business unit, where he oversaw the development of competitive products and services for the agency’s Publications & Information Sales and Creative Services and Digital Media departments. In 2010, Jackson served as Acting Chief Management Officer for several months. In 2009, Jackson was named Chief Acquisitions Officer where he oversaw the complex procurement of products, services, and technologies required to support the mix of digital and print services provided by GPO. Jackson previously held various positions in GPO’s Acquisitions business unit including, Senior Contract Administrator, Chief of Paper and Specialized Procurement and Sales Division, Director of Acquisition Services and Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer and Director of Procurement Services.

Jackson studied Business Administration and English at the University of Maryland, receiving his BA in Biblical Studies from the Sure Foundation Biblical Institute of Seminole, FL. He is a 2009 graduate of the Harvard Business School, Executive Education, General Management Program and a graduate of the Council for Excellence in Government’s (CEG) Fellows Program, serving the CEG during 2006-2007 as a Co-Coach.