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Managing Director, Customer Services

MacAfee oversees GPO’s Customer Services business unit, a public/private sector partnership, which consists of printing professionals located in Washington D.C. and a nationwide network of regional offices. Customer Services is dedicated to ensuring that GPO Federal customers’ publishing requirements are met with quality products and solutions provided in a timely, cost-effective, and professional manner through a network of private sector printers and publishers nationwide.


MacAfee has nearly 30 years of experience at GPO with extensive experience in the agency’s customer services and print procurement operations. She became Managing Director in October 2017 after previously serving as Deputy Managing and other positions that were responsible for developing organizational policies, procedures, and enhancements to improve and streamline Customer Services’ workflow and Customer agency satisfaction. She is leading the system modernization for the business unit’s procurement legacy systems and recently launched an extensive program to enhance the customer experience. She implemented the simplified purchase agreement program. Before coming to GPO in 1989, MacAfee worked at USA Today as a production coordinator.

MacAfee earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communications from Arizona State University.