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Program/Jacket Number: 418-004
Title: Form 1040-ES - Estimated Tax for Individuals. (Cat. No. 11340T) (Rev. 2022)
Bid Opening Date: December 3, 2021
Contract Type: One-Time Bid
Scope: 12-page self-cover publication, print head-to-head in black ink. Some pages print with flat tones. Pages are folioed 1 through 12 with pages 10 and 12 marked “This page left blank intentionally. Paste on fold, perforation required on the 11” dimension. Trim 3 sides.
Quantity: 186,211
Ship/Deliver Date: February 21, 2022
GPO Office: Washington, DC
Files: 418004

Program/Jacket Number: 420-034
Title: Guide to Alerts & Warnings Large Print
Bid Opening Date: December 6, 2021
Contract Type: One-Time Bid
Scope: Self-cover booklet prints 4-color Process on face and back (head to head), images consist of agency, departmental seals, illustrations, pictures, solids, screens and some type/logos reversing out to appear white in four color process. Bleeds all sides. Note: each page has a solid blue background that should remain consistent throughout the press run. After printing, flood coat the entire surface of all pages with matte aqueous coating to avoid scratching and smearing. Trim tab edge as needed, tab pages 3-38 (Construction): 1/18th cut, 1 bank. - 1st thru 18th position. Die-cut tab dividers with a 1/2" lip along 11" right side, square corner lip only. Collate with pages 1-2 and pages 39-40, score, fold and saddle-stich in 2 places along the 11" edge. Score all folds, grain must run parallel to the spine (cracks or wrinkles are not acceptable).
Quantity: 150,294
Ship/Deliver Date: January 31, 2022
GPO Office: Washington, DC
Files: 420034

Program/Jacket Number: 417-859s R2
Title: Jacket 417-859: M-623 - USCIS Civics Flash Cards in Custom Tuck Cases – English Jacket 417-860: M-623S - USCIS Civics Flash Cards in Custom Tuck Cases – Spanish
Bid Opening Date: December 7, 2021
Contract Type: One-Time Bid
Scope: 2 Different Flash Card sets inserted into custom tuck case
Ship/Deliver Date: March 11, 2022
GPO Office: Washington, DC
Files: 417859s R2

Program/Jacket Number: 418005
Title: Forms Booklets 1040 & 1040-SR (SP) (2021 rev)---Bulk Ship
Bid Opening Date: December 7, 2021
Contract Type: One-Time Bid
Scope: These specifications cover the printing and binding of approx. 180,320 (incl 200 Blue Labels) forms booklets in Spanish. Each forms booklet contains approx. 16 pages requiring a vertical perforation on the fold through all leaves along the entire bind side. In addition, addressing/labeling and marking, packing and sealing cartons, palletizing, storing, staging, and shipping approx. 474 cartons f.o.b contractor city via Motor Freight (IRBLs) to Bloomington, IL. will be required.
Quantity: 180,320
Ship/Deliver Date: January 19, 2022
GPO Office: Washington, DC
Files: 418005, Exhibit 1-4

Program/Jacket Number: 417-745
Title: 2022 Census of Agriculture
Bid Opening Date: December 9, 2021
Contract Type: One-Time Bid
Scope: These specifications, for the 2022 Census of Agriculture, cover the production of 1 (one) 4 page questionnaire and 3 (three) 24 page questionnaires, three (3) 4 page instruction sheets, one (1) 2 page instruction sheet, seven (7) 2 page letters, 7 (seven) return envelopes and 14 (fourteen) outgoing envelopes assembled into 15 different mailing package configurations utilizing the items listed on pages 3-5 herein, requiring such operations as printing in one- and two-colors, envelope printing and construction, binding, gathering items into sets, inserting into outgoing envelopes, packing, and distribution. In addition, 10 (ten) envelopes are to be produced with no package assembly required.
Quantity: 8,659,314
Ship/Deliver Date: August 18, 2022
GPO Office: Washington, DC
Files: Jacket_417-745

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