Circular Letter No. 995

October 6, 2017

TO: Printing and Publishing Officials of the Federal Government

SUBJECT: GPO New York Regional Printing Procurement Office to be Temporarily Closed

Effective Wednesday, October 18, 2017, the GPO New York Regional Printing Procurement Office will be temporarily closed. The Printing Specialist, Philip Paolino, is retiring after many years of dedicated Federal service. GPO is committed to continuing to provide the same timely procurement consulting and support services for all of your printing and publishing support needs.

We ask current New York users to immediately begin submitting any new Standard Form-1’s to our Philadelphia, PA Regional Office. Your new Contract Administrator for any existing Term Contracts or one time procurements will be contacting you directly. 

The Philadelphia personnel are prepared to provide you with a level of service commensurate with that of the New York office. However, you may also choose to work with any GPO office that provides the service level that you believe is most suitable for your needs.

The contact information for the Philadelphia office is as follows:

Philadelphia Regional Office

All team members have access to the team mailbox:
[email protected]
ph (215) 364-6465
fx (215) 364-6476

928 Jaymor Road, Suite A-190
Southampton, PA 18966-3820

Debra Rozdzielski, Manager
Lisa Adgerson, Printing Specialist
Diane Peluso, Printing Specialist
Melita Webb, Printing Specialist
Willie Binyard, Procurement Technician
Gordon Clark, NAM and Cathy Stroemer, NAM

GPO appreciates your assistance and cooperation in our efforts to make this a seamless and orderly transition.

Managing Director, Customer Services

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