Circular Letter No. 1132

May 17, 2024

TO: Printing and Publishing Officials of the Federal Government

SUBJECT:  New GPO Form 400, Credit Card Receipt

GPO is pleased to announce that the new GPO Form 400, Credit Card Receipt, is now accessible through the GPO Financial Documents Repository (FDR). The form will assist Agencies in identifying job information on charges to purchase cards for GPO printing and publishing services.

The GPO Form 400 Credit Card Receipt provides key information needed to identify the specific GPO job: Jacket Number, Print Order, Requisition Number, Program Number, quantity, and the amount of the charge. It will also include the GPO invoice number, settlement date, and confirmation number. The receipt will only include the last four digits of the credit card used to pay for the services. Agency customers may only view Credit Card Receipts for the Billing Address Code(s) (BAC) for which they were granted access rights within the FDR.

To sign up for the GPO FDR, agencies must designate individuals to act in the Agency Administrator Role by completing the GPO Form 4047 and emailing it to [email protected]. The form requires that you list all BAC(s) to which you need access.


Managing Director, Customer Services

Chief Financial Officer

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