Circular Letter No. 1110

June 30, 2023

TO: Printing and Publishing Officials of the Federal Government

SUBJECT: Open Requisitions (SF-1) for Congressional Materials, Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) - Updated

This letter provides notice that the time has come to submit open requisitions for FY24 Congressional Materials.

Please review the two page “Congressional Materials” enclosure for important ordering information about specific publications. Please include only requisitions for Congressional Materials when responding to this notice. GPO will issue separate Circular Letters for non-congressional orders as well as Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations to be collected separately by GPO.

Please send requisitions to the Government Publishing Office (GPO) by July 14, 2023.

The preferred method for submitting requisitions is to e-mail them to [email protected] with “Congressional Materials” in the subject line. If you cannot use e-mail, requisitions may be faxed to Congressional Publishing Services on 202-512-1101. The authorized signature of an agency official, as indicated in GPO’s agency signature file, must be included on the submitted requisitions.

NOTE: Field or regional activities should coordinate their requirements with their Washington, DC area headquarters Printing Officers before submitting any paperwork to avoid order duplication and to ensure signature authorization.

The date established for submission allows sufficient time for GPO to process orders and to provide timely feedback to agencies.


The following information must appear on each SF-1:

  • Requisition numbers for FY24 should begin with the prefix 4 (e.g., 4-00001).
  • The previous year's requisition number and jacket number. This information is used to cross-check that all your requirements are in. If your requisition is for a new requirement, please indicate so.
  • The total quantity of each product and the quantity totals indicated on distribution lists should agree.
  • Delivery address, name, and telephone number of person indicated on distribution list should be complete and have been verified as current. This will help avoid the loss or non-delivery of your products.
  • Ordering agencies must specify a single address per requisition and all copies will be shipped in bulk to that address. It is then the agencies’ responsibility to redistribute them to individual offices. Please carefully indicate quantities of each item required.


For all IPAC transactions, the Department of Treasury requires agencies to provide a Component Treasury Account System (TAS) and Business Event Type Code (BETC) commonly referred to as TAS-BETC on the SF-1. Please refer to GPO Circular Letter No. 882, dated April 16, 2013.

GPO’s website provides on demand training for more information about this requirement at

On the SF-1, please use the proper fields (or the additional information block) to indicate:

  • If credit card payment will be used for orders
  • Line of Accounting (LOA) information, if this information is mandatory for agency payment processing
  • Up to 11 characters, either alpha or numeric, can be added to the requisition number field to assist agencies in identifying the order on the GPO invoice

For example: The requisition number contains a single digit for the fiscal year followed by a hyphen and five digits assigned by the agency. Usually req. numbers are issued in sequence (i.e. 4-00001). With additional identifiers added, the number may be longer (i.e. 4-00001/TXR60001234).

  • Names, email addresses, and/or phone numbers for the agency’s financial personnel, whom GPO may contact if any billing issues occur
  • Billing Address Code (BAC) to properly identify the ordering agency. NOTE: The BAC provided will be used throughout FY24 for a specific publication or order. If multiple bureaus will place orders on the same term contract, submit a separate requisition form for each BAC
  • Any additional information that will support the billing process
  • Inquiries concerning the ordering of Congressional materials may be directed to Natalya Panyan, Congressional Publishing Services, on 202-512-0224.

Please inquire about open requisitions on materials not listed in the enclosure by calling Kariane Smith on 202-512-1382. For further reference, see separate Circular Letters addressing GPO’s order collection for non-congressional materials, Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations. Circular Letters are located online at



Acting Managing Director, Customer Services

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