Circular Letter No. 1112

July 12, 2023

TO: Federal Agency Budget and Accounting Officers, Agency Printing and Publishing Officials

SUBJECT: Part 5 – G-Invoicing (GINV) - Upcoming Enhancements to the GPO Financial Document Repository (FDR)

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is in the process of updating the GPO FDR system in preparation for acceptance of our customer’s General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) and Orders for Advance Orders-GINV Deposit Accounts. The projected rollout date of the new GPO FDR platform is October 9, 2023.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and a smooth transition to GINV is part of that goal. We have been enhancing our billing processes to develop efficient solutions for customers while incorporating GINV requirements. GPO recommends customer agencies consider establishing GPO Deposit Accounts for GINV Advance Orders. The upgrade will provide tracking information that will align with the Treasury GINV system.

Enhanced Features of the New GPO FDR:

  • A fresh, modernized interface.
  • Hosting of two types of Deposit Accounts:
    • Legacy
    • GINV.
  • Allows customers to use their current Deposit Account Billing Address Code (BAC) to establish a GINV Deposit Account.
  • Agencies are able to use their current URL for access and will be redirected to the new website upon implementation.
  • Log-In Screen Enhancements – Administrators and users will be prompted to create a password to access the new site. Passwords will be required to be changed every 60 days. If you utilize our GPO Publish system the password is the same.

Benefits of using the GPO FDR:

  • Improved invoicing visibility.
  • Faster account reconciliation.
  • Ability to review historical invoices back to August 2012.
  • Access SF-1 documents as far back as March 2015.
  • Provide additional information to support charges.
  • Shared access within an Agency.
  • Improved communication between agency publishing/printing and finance business units.
  • Customer-controlled management of access rights to the GPO FDR:
    • Agency Administrator: Access rights in the Documents: Form 400 system is based on a BAC. The Agency Administrator may grant and revoke access to other personnel within their agency;
    • Agency User: The Agency User has “view only” access based on BAC(s).

Next Steps:

  • Look for additional communication regarding changes to the GPO FDR. GPO will be hosting webinars to orient agencies to the changes in the coming months.
  • Share this information internally with staff involved in obligating, ordering, and authorizing payments for products and services from GPO.
  • Contact your agency’s GINV Implementation Team to better understand how your agency will implement GINV and any impact on how you currently process orders with GPO. If you require assistance identifying your agency’s Team, email the Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Service at [email protected] .
  • Contact the GPO Implementation Team via email at [email protected] to discuss GINV further. GPO will continue to provide updates and additional information regarding GINV.

For additional information, including previous circular letters (Parts 1 through 4) about GINV, visit the GPO GINV webpage at



Managing Director, Customer Services

Chief Financial Officer

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