Circular Letter No. 1033

August 12, 2019

TO: Authorized users of the GPO Simplified Purchase Agreement (SPA)

SUBJECT: Procedure for including Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) rider copies on GPO Form 4044

This is to notify SPA users that GPO has updated the Instructions for GPO Form 4044, the SPA work order. The purpose of this revision is to describe how to fill out a SPA work order when GPO rides the agency's order by adding copies for the Superintendent of Documents (Federal Depository Libraries Program or Sales Division).

The instructions for filling out the GPO Form 4044 are located on GPO's website at

Rider information must be entered on the form correctly in order to give the vendor and GPO accurate information about the order. This allows GPO to pay the vendor for all copies while ensuring that the ordering agency is not charged for the SuDocs copies.

It is essential that the agency provide the correct information in the fields Quantity and Contractor Total Quote on the GPO Form 4044 by following the procedure below.

Prior to placing a SPA order, the agency is required to notify GPO’s Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) by sending the completed GPO Form 4044 to [email protected]. This allows SuDocs to review the order and determine whether additional copies will be added to the order. SuDocs will provide a decision within four (4) hours. There is no cost to the agency for copies ordered by SuDocs.

When riding, SuDocs will send the quantity and the distribution list to the agency. GPO requests that the agency emphasize these copies on the Form 4044 by adding the remark “GPO will ride – see attached” to the Additional Information field. Also, enter the number of SuDocs copies in the field Supt. Docs. Quantity Ordered and enter the cost the vendor provided to you specifically for the SuDocs copies in the field Supt. Docs. Cost.

Important – the Quantity field on the Form 4044 is intended for the quantity ordered by the agency only and should not include the SuDocs copies. The Contractor Total Quote field is intended for the cost of the agency copies only and should not include the cost of the Sudocs copies.

GPO greatly appreciates your help in filling out the GPO Form 4044 correctly and checking it for accuracy. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your SPA Administrator.


Managing Director, Customer Services

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