Circular Letter No. 1045

January 28, 2020

TO: Printing and Publishing Officials of the Federal Government

SUBJECT: Rider Requisitions for the Economic Report of the President

The Economic Report of the President 2020 is scheduled for release in February 2020. It will contain the Economic Report of the President, together with The Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers, and includes many charts and graphs in full color.

The estimated per-copy rider rate for this publication is $16.00 (available in paper only). This rider rate applies to single destination, local delivery. Mailing charges, if incurred, will be added to your account. Because the page count of this publication is not known at this time, the actual rider rate has not yet been determined. The rider rate contained in this letter is an estimate based on previous printings and provided for budgetary purposes. Please note that the actual rider rate is subject to increase or decrease based on actual page count.

Send requisitions to GPO by February 5, 2020. Please be sure to include Jacket Number 250-840 on your requisition. The preferred method of submitting requisitions is to email them to [email protected] with the jacket number in the subject line. If you cannot email requisitions, they may be mailed to Agency Procurement Services, COMSTAT, Stop: CSPS, U.S. Government Publishing Office, Washington DC 20401. Field or regional activities should coordinate their requirements with their Washington, DC, area headquarters' Printing Officers before submitting any paperwork.

If you have any questions about information contained in this Circular Letter please contact your GPO Agency Procurement Specialist or call our Requisition Section on (202) 512-0222 regarding rider collection.



Managing Director, Customer Services

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