Circular Letter No. 1107

May 18, 2023

TO: Printing and Publishing Officials of the Federal Government

SUBJECT: Self Certification of Signature Authorization for Departments and Agencies submitting Printing and Binding Requisitions to GPO

GPO has simplified the ordering process by updating our order forms.

In June 2022, GPO revised the SF1 and other forms used to order from GPO (e.g. 2511 Print Order and 4044 Work Order). The new forms allow agency representatives to self-certify that they have the authority to obligate funding and submit orders to GPO. The language states:

“I certify that I am an authorized agency representative of the above-mentioned Government establishment with authority to submit this order to the U.S. Government Publishing Office and obligate its funding in compliance with applicable regulations, and; this work is authorized by law and necessary to the conduct of the business of the above-mentioned Government establishment”.

This change streamlines the ordering process. Agency officials are no longer required to grant signature authority to specific agency individuals and are no longer asked to send documentation to GPO each year for us to validate signatures on orders submitted to GPO.

GPO now simply requires a legible signature on every order and will accept signatures in any format.

Note: Orders submitted to Publish, GPO’s online ordering system, are authenticated using log-in and permissions. These orders don’t require any form of signature. GPO aims to make Publish the simplest way to submit an order to GPO.

This Circular Letter supersedes Circular Letter No. 1023, dated February 15, 2019.

If you have any questions concerning this circular, please contact GPO’s Publishing Support Services Team at [email protected].


Acting Managing Director, Customer Services

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