Circular Letter No. 1008

June 21, 2018

TO: Printing and Publishing Officials of the Federal Government

SUBJECT: Updated High-Resolution Proofing Specifications

This letter provides notice that beginning on 6/18/2018, GPO began allowing high-resolution inkjet proofs as a proofing option for orders that specify high-resolution proofs.

Background: The current high-resolution proofing option on the market, one-piece laminate proofs, is being discontinued. GPO has conducted market research and determined that the best solution going forward is a high-resolution inkjet proof.

Path forward: GPO is expanding its usage of the IDEAlliance G7 ISO proofing standard. The G7
proofing standard when output at 2880 dpi meets GPO’s requirements to match press sheets for detail and color. Additionally, this solution will allow GPO to increase competition and decrease costs when ordering high-resolution proofs.

To ensure proofs submitted by contractors meet GPO’s new specifications refer to the instructions found at

Please contact Quality Control for Published Products (QCPP), Customer Services, at 202-512-0542 for questions regarding proofs.




Managing Director, Customer Services

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