If you want the public to access your information with the latest communication tools, GPO can help. From design and conversion to multiple-channel dissemination, we can expand the way you fulfill your digital strategy for making your agency’s information easy to access. We provide:

Let us create an eBook from your text file or have our design staff produce your project for print, which we can convert to eBook format.

GPO can convert your PDF or InDesign files to eBook formats such as ePub or enhanced PDF. Once converted, you can post it on your website and/or distribute it as you please (the exception are files converted by Google or Apple at their expense).

GPO can make your eBooks available free to the public on the U.S. Government Online Bookstore and through our consumer and academic channels packages, which include:

  • Google
  • Rittenhouse
  • Apple
  • MyiLibrary
  • Overdrive
  • Barnes & Noble
  • AcademicPub
  • eLibrary

Because our program works on a cost-recovery basis, we distribute Federal content in one of two ways:

  • By selling to the public content that is generated by our Federal agency partners and sharing a portion of the sales revenue with our dissemination channels. We provide the distribution and promotion without charge.
  • Through our consumer and academic channels packages, which provide eBooks to the public for free. We charge the Federal agency providing the content for our metadata work, search engine optimization, and promotions such as blogs and email blasts — all at a fraction of the cost of printing, warehousing, and shipping costs.

GPO participates in two direct-to-the public programs: the Google Books Partner Program and Google Play.

Under the Google Books Partner Program, printed books are sent to Google to be scanned and posted online within the Google Books collection. Once added to the collection, customers can browse up to 20% of the book online and purchase by clicking the link to the GPO online bookstore. More than 4 million people have discovered Federal books online through this program.

GPO also works with Google to get your books on Google Play. Through this program customers can preview books online, just like in the Google Books Partner Program. Titles can be searched, purchased, and read on any internet-connected device with a capable browser.

Consulting Services

Federal agencies that print through GPO or have content converted to an eBook format through GPO may take advantage of our eBook consulting services. We will provide advise you:

  • the best channels to use to reach your intended audience
  • the best eBook formats for those channels
  • the materials we require to get you started

To Get Started

A contract is not required --- you can start by using an SF-1 - Printing and Binding Requisition or contact your National Account Manager (NAM) or call 202.512.1904.


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