The GPO Online Paper Store is the simple, one-stop solution for ordering cut-sheet paper for use in office copiers and printers.

The GPO Online Paper Store offers:

  • A variety of paper options and products
  • Green options for those looking to follow federal guidelines and sustainable requirements
  • Free delivery nationwide
  • 24/7 easy online ordering
  • A dedicated Customer Service Center at 866.805.9498
  • Competitive pricing (with no added surcharge)
  • Payment by credit card, Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) Systems, or deposit account

Get Started

  1. Register now!
    Within 3 business days, you will receive login information that will allow you to start placing orders. If you need help, see our step-by-step training guide to online ordering and our FAQs.
  2. With your login information, you can browse the full catalog of available stocks, view pricing tiers, and find information on product specifications.
    You can then build an “Easy Order List” of frequently purchased items to streamline the re-ordering process.
  3. Track every purchase.
    If you are a user with administrative privileges, you can view and manage the purchases of agency users all across the country. A range of usage data can be queried using system-generated reports that can readily be exported into an Excel file suitable for use in your agency in-house procurement reporting systems.
  4. Tailor your ordering and administrative rights to simplify billing and spending control and to eliminate widely varying price points in favor of pricing consistency across the country.

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