As National Account Managers (NAMs), we work with customers from our central office in Washington, DC and our regional offices across the country. In the central office, we serve the offices of a specific list of agencies located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area as well as in the Northeastern and Southeastern states. In the regional offices, we work with all agency customers in a defined geographic territory.

Our role is to:

  • assist you in choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective GPO programs to suit your specific needs
  • introduce you to new GPO programs and services
  • connect you to internal GPO subject matter experts to provide you with the technical guidance needed to make informed decisions about print and digital publishing options
  • provide you with technical advice on specifying print projects and maximizing print and publishing budgets
  • conduct educational outreach events and training seminars to assist you in training your staff to work effectively with GPO
  • aid you in resolving administrative and financial issues related to account set-up, funding, billing, or other GPO activities and processes

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Free, one-day seminars are conducted by National Account Managers and offer critical training for new GPO users and a comprehensive update for existing customers interested in learning about the latest information from GPO.

Topics include:

  • an overview of GPO products and services
  • how to work with GPO (including funding and forms)
  • trending topics / featured presentations

We can also provide customized group orientation training at your specific agency location. Contact your NAM for more information.

For additional information, visit our Events and Training page or contact a National Account Manager at 202.512.1904 or by email at [email protected].

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