GPO provides Federal agencies with a full range of services from planning to delivery, including:

  • One-on-one electronic publishing consultation
  • Dissemination of pertinent technical information and research on industry trends in digital publishing
  • Review of official publications and forms to make digital publishing consistent, cost-effective, and customer-friendly
  • Recommendations for better, faster, and more cost-effective ways to write technical specifications for printing and electronic publishing applications
  • Font and color mode assistance
  • Investigating and testing quality complaints from departments to determine deficiencies for a reprint or discount of a job
  • GPO Solutions: Working with Quality Control for Published Products (QCPP). This 13 minute on-demand training program will familiarize you with GPO’s quality control services.


Based on the end use of the project, we evaluate the entire scope of a job, including all materials to be used and design elements involved.

Preflight services include:

  • Quality Level Proper quality-level recommendations are made according to your requirements.
  • Electronic Media Reviews are done to check for usability, missing fonts, bleeds, size, correct color modes, and resolution. Designs are also checked for consistency and printability.
  • Paper Proper Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) paper is selected from the Paper Specification Standards that best suits the job.
  • Inks We check for the correct use of Pantone inks, process colors, and coatings (i.e., varnishes, UV, and aqueous coatings).
  • Proofs We customize proof language to fit the needs of the job and customer, minimize cost, and provide an accurate final product.
  • Binding We provide samples and offer suggestions on different types of binding (i.e., smythe sew, spiral, and notch binding). We also offer advice on avoiding binding issues.
  • Finishing Materials We match samples and advise material usage (i.e., lamination, foils, and book coverings).

Review of Proofs

GPO offers assistance in reviewing proofs and priors for accuracy. Items checked include the type of proof, line screen, traps, register, and layout. The content of the proof to the lasers and the color to the originals supplied by the agency are also verified. Finally, a report showing all printer’s errors or author’s alterations and the action to be completed are sent to the contractor.

Onsite Inspections

Upon request, GPO is available to conduct inspections for the purpose of setting a standard of quality. These are performed at the production location. As a customer, you are always encouraged to attend.

Inspections include:

  • Press Press sheets are examined for print quality, color match to proof, registration and correct stock.
  • Finishing Our finishing inspections include foil stamping (picking or plugging) and color, embossing for detail, and UV coating or lamination.
  • Bindery We check for proper construction, folding, trimming, stitch position, sewing, gluing, and case binding.
  • Production On high-profile orders, we monitor the production of jobs at the contractor’s plant.

Charges for preflight, proof review, and inspections are at an hourly rate.

To learn more, contact Quality Control for Published Products at 202.512.0542 or [email protected].

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