GPO is fast becoming the provider of choice with a reputation for excellence in durability, reliability, accuracy, and cost. We connect security printing with secure electronics to design, manufacture, print, personalize, and deliver the most trusted credentials in government.

We enable authorities to verify that both bearer and credential are the genuine article. The best secure credentials are tough to counterfeit, but easy to authenticate.

Security Process

  • Certified Security Design  GPO designers use proprietary security software to create credential designs that are both secure and beautiful.
  • Materials Selection  After studying how the card must function, GPO recommends the right mix of substrates, laminates, and electronics for maximum performance.
  • Precision Security Printing  Precision security printing is used in several layers of secure card construction.
  • Manufacturing  Security materials are collated, laminated, and punched, forming card-shaped credentials ready for personalization.
  • Personalization  Personally Identifiable Information (PII)—like cardholder name, address, and photograph—is added to the surface and loaded into card electronics.
  • Quality Assurance  After passing tests of durability, compatibility, and resistance to harsh conditions, cards are inspected for a match between graphic and electronic PII.
  • Delivery  Personalized cards are affixed to custom letters, inserted into envelopes, and prepared for mailing—all in one smooth, continuous operation.

Security Products

  • U.S. Passport  GPO has manufactured more than 90 million U.S. passports equipped with secure electronics in a multi-layered design.

Secure Cards

  • Trusted Traveler  Pre-approved travelers carrying this card enjoy expedited border crossing between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • Global Entry  Used by international air travelers returning to the United States, cardholders use an airport kiosk to speed processing through Customs.
  • Medicare Beneficiary  Embossed plastic Medicare cards are personalized at GPO and issued to beneficiaries in Puerto Rico.
  • Presidential Inauguration Badge  For the 2009 and 2013 Inauguration ceremonies, GPO designed, produced and personalized badges for those who were authorized to be closest to the President.
  • DC One  District of Columbia residents use this photo ID to enter schools, libraries, and recreation centers. The same card is used to pay fares in the Metro system.
  • Foreign Diplomat ID  Issued by the Department of State to diplomats and their families residing in the U.S. The cards certify tax exemption status, driving rights, diplomatic privileges, and immunity.
  • Homeland Security HSPD-12 ID  GPO strengthened the security of HSPD-12 ID cards issued to DHS employees and contractors. Cards are produced in compliance with a Presidential mandate to establish ID card interoperability.

Security Certification

  • ISO 9001 Certification  GPO secure card production and personalization facilities are certified ISO 9001-compliant.
  • GSA Approved Products List  GPO is the only government agency approved to provide a graphical personalization service.
  • Quality and Testing Lab  GPO meets the standards of independent laboratories like NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)


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