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Managing Director, Agency Support Operations

John Crawford assumed the role of Managing Director of Agency Support Operations in October 2022.

As the Managing Director of Agency Support Operations, Crawford oversees Quality Control and Inventory Management. The team is responsible for the Agency’s printing supplies, receiving, warehousing, shipping and quality testing functions. Those functions assist in the production the U.S. passports and other secure credentials for Federal agencies.

In addition, Crawford oversees the Facilities and Engineering department. That team manages and maintains agency buildings, machinery and equipment to provide a productive and safe working environment for all GPO employees.


Crawford brings more than 55 years of experience and knowledge to the position of Managing Director of Agency Support Operations and most recently served as GPO’s Managing Director of Plant Operations.

He started in the printing trade in 1958 and joined GPO in 1966 as a journeyperson bookbinder where one of his first jobs was producing secure test forms for the U.S. Air Force. Crawford was promoted to his first management position in 1972 and was responsible for coordinating and overseeing the production of President Nixon's inaugural materials. In the 1980s, Crawford led the team to automate the passport binding process, which was previously done by hand. As technology has advanced and GPO’s workforce has decreased, Crawford has worked with GPO management to combine and reorganize plant departments to maintain efficiency and to continue to meet the needs of Congress, Federal agencies, and the public. Crawford served as Superintendent of the Binding Division for 14 years and was promoted to Production Manager in 2007 where he oversaw the production of Presidential Inauguration materials, the President's Budget, The Congressional Record, The Federal Register, and legislative bills, hearings and reports.

Throughout his years of service, Crawford has worked on secure projects, including the implementation of the electronic passport, and contributed to the Agency's transition into the digital age. He is one of three generations of Crawford's to work at GPO. By operation of GPO's internal directive on succession, on April 1, 2019 Crawford became GPO's Acting Deputy Director and served in that capacity until May 2020.