Circular Letter No. 1105

April 12, 2023

TO: Federal Agency Budget and Accounting Officers, Agency Printing and Publishing Officials

SUBJECT: Part 4 – GPO’s Readiness Schedule for G-Invoicing

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has updated its readiness schedule and is providing the following to help customer agencies understand how to work with GPO while meeting Treasury’s GINV requirements. This is part of a series of GPO Circular Letters on GPOs GINV implementation. For the latest on GPO’s GINV plans, including prior circular letters, see

GPO’s updated GINV readiness schedule:

  • Current status: No change in how GPO does business during FY 2023. GPO will process transactions through IPAC.
  • October 1, 2023: GPO will accept General Terms and Conditions and Orders for Advance Orders-GINV Deposit Accounts. We ask those customers who are considering Non-Advance Orders to contact GPO to discuss.
    • GPO continues to support transactions through IPAC for agencies waiting for 7600 EZ.
  • April 1, 2024: GPO target date to accept 7600 EZ for GPO Print/Publishing Services General Terms and Conditions to enable the streamlined 7600 EZ billing method.
  • September 30, 2025: Full transition to GINV, as Fiscal Service will be retiring IPAC Processes. All legacy IPAC billings must be complete by this date.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and a smooth transition to GINV is part of that goal. We have been enhancing our billing processes to develop efficient solutions for customers while incorporating GINV requirements. GPO recommends customer agencies consider the following payment methods when incorporating GINV into their processes with GPO, in the following order:

  1. Advance Orders – GINV Deposit Accounts
  2. 7600 EZ for GPO Print/Publishing Services
  3. Non-Advance Orders – Standard Order Processing

GPO is developing a new Deposit Account platform for GINV Advance Orders. Customers will be able to access the GPO Financial Document Repository to view their GINV Deposit Accounts, track their 7600B Advance Orders, and obtain GINV Performance information for each Order. GPO plans to release additional information and host webinars about the new platform this summer.

GPO also continues to develop the 7600 EZ for the GPO Print/Publishing Services process. As stated in Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Bulletin No. 2022-03, Fiscal Service has established and recommends a separate process flow between agencies and GPO called 7600 EZ for GPO Print/Publishing Services. It is based on the high volume of orders and settlements processed through GPO. It is projected to go live in FY 2024 and will expedite transaction settlements by combining Order and Performance phases while requiring fewer data elements and fewer approvals. Please refer to this link to view TFM Chapter 4700, Appendix 8: Intra-governmental Transactions (IGT) Buy/Sell.

Next Steps:

  1. Please share this information internally with staff involved in obligating, ordering, and authorizing payments for products and services from GPO.
  2. Contact your agency’s GINV Implementation Team to better understand how your agency will implement GINV and any impact on how you currently process orders with GPO. If you require assistance identifying your agency’s Team, email the Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Service at [email protected].
  3. Watch for upcoming sessions on our GINV Ordering approaches. Events will be posted on our GINV page here: and our Events and Training Page:

Contact the GPO Implementation Team via email at [email protected] if you would like to discuss GINV further. GPO will continue to provide updates and additional information regarding GINV. For additional information, including previous circular letters about GINV, visit the GPO GINV webpage at

Note: In September 2020, GPO released the first Circular Letter (No. 1057) “G-Invoicing – Information for U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) Customers.”
In September 2021, GPO released the second Circular Letter (No. 1079) “Part 2: Government Invoicing (GINV) – Information for U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) Customers.”
In April 2022, GPO released the third Circular Letter (No. 1089) “Part 3 – G-Invoicing (GINV) 7600EZ Process.”


Acting Managing Director, Customer Services  Chief Financial Officer




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