GPOExpress is an ideal solution for last-minute projects or for developing a complete library of documents for on-demand printing. We offer this unique program for you to receive deep discounts on copying, binding, signs, and other products and services through 2,000 FedEx Office locations nationwide.

Enrollment Instructions

Signage Resources for GPOExpress Customers: One Pager and FAQs.

Watch the video below on the GPOExpress Program and learn how the alliance between GPO and FedEx Office stretches your printing dollar, and join the over 200 Federal Government organizations who are taking advantage of the low, fixed rates on quick copying services available through GPOExpress.

The GPOExpress Card Program is open to all Federal agencies and contractors working for the Federal Government. To participate you must have a GPO approved method of payment. Benefits include: deeply discounted copying services, on line ordering, free local delivery and access to more than 2,000 FedEx Office locations nationwide.


  • As a registered GPOExpress program cardholder, you have access to a wide range of services at FedEx Office locations nationwide. You can print and deliver anywhere at the same cost.
  • Receive discounts up to 80% off retail pricing with no GPO surcharge. Please see our price list.
  • With free local pickup and delivery, your orders can be placed online, by phone, or at any FedEx Office location. For last-minute, rush projects, work can typically be produced in 24 hours or less.
  • GPOExpress Program benefits include access to a customized print-on-demand document storage application. This convenient solution delivers efficiency and cost savings through benefits such as version control and unit cost pricing and provides on-demand access to your agency’s training documents, presentations, certificates, etc.
  • All GPOExpress accounts are established with a pre-determined spending limit based on your agency’s policies and the needs of each cardholder.
  • Pay with your Government Purchase Card, a GPO Deposit Account, or IPAC Billing Method. No payment is made at the FedEx Office location as all invoicing is generated by GPO. As a GPO-administered contract, the GPOExpress program is fully compliant with Title 44 U.S.C.
  • In addition to a convenient Quick Reference Guide, GPO provides a detailed on-boarding webinar or in-person training for all cardholders. See this GPOExpress Program Overview with Print On Demand Tutorial to learn more about GPOExpress program benefits and the online document storage application.

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To learn more about GPOExpress, see our  FAQs or contact your National Account Manager (NAM) or call 202.512.1904. To receive more information about GPO services, sign up to receive GPO emails.

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